Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Going On Here?

MLTSHP is an approximate clone of the much-loved site MLKSHK created by Andre and Amber which closed in April of 2017. We are 100% community funded and member-run. The site is subscription-based and is a registered corporation in Delaware. The code is on Github along with a welcome module there which talks about what is going on. There is also a Slack and a Facebook group.

What Do the Membership Levels Mean?

We ran some numbers and determined that with our current membership, we could run the site if most users contributed $2/month. This includes things like paying for storage, hosting, bandwidth, a business license, someone to do our taxes and answer the odd legal question we may have to ask. We added a "bare bones" membership because we don't want anyone to be excluded. Stripe handles the money stuff and the subscriptions. You can change your subscription type at any time. You can pay more if you'd like. Paying more might help us make stickers.

Everyone can save, like, and comment on their friends' images. Users at the Double Scoop level can also make up to 100 of their own shakes, get a little plus sign next to their name, and can have RSS feeds for their shakes.

What Can I Upload or Save?

You can upload JPG, GIF, or PNG files. You can post links to videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or Flickr.

Image files should be a reasonable size. Be nice to your friends on mobile phones or tablets. Be nice to our bandwidth quota.

How Do I Contact Someone?

You can contact us directly by email at [email protected]. We'll try to respond as quickly as possible.

What If I Find A Bug or Have a Feature Request?

You can file a ticket on Github (preferred, if you have a Github account), or use this Issue Report Form, or talk to people in realtime on our Slack. Check our Browser Support Matrix to make sure you are using a supported browser. Thanks for helping!

How Can I use RSS to Follow the Best of MLTSHP Account?

Using some magic, the MLTSHP user saves some of the best images from the site. You can access that RSS feed with this link or follow @Best_of_MLTSHP on Twitter.

How Can I Use MLTSHP to Host Photos I Tweet to Twitter?

First set up your Twitter account to work with MLTSHP, after connecting you'll get a tutorial on how to configure your phone.

Where Can I Get a Plugin for Safari, Firefox, or Chrome?

Plugins can be found here. If you'd like to make one, please email us and we can walk you through what we'd need.

Why Are You Giving Me Grief About My Password?

Given the recent news of password hijacking and fears about security, we took a popular list of bad passwords and match them against passwords being used to create accounts on MLTSHP. Try again?

Can I Use Keyboard Commands for Navigation?

Yes! Here is what we support:

  • h - page down, h again navigates to "older"
  • j - next post, j at the end of the page navigates to "older"
  • k - previous post, k at the top of the page navigates to "newer"
  • l - page up, l again navigates to "newer"